CMF Phone 1 India price leaked and Specifications

CMF Phone 1 India price leaked

The Nothing is gearing up to launch its first-ever smartphone under the brand CMF. While the launch date is not known when writing this piece, the company has started showing some mysterious glimpses hinting at an upcoming new CMF phone, but much information about the phone has not been received. Ahead of the launch, the tipster Yogesh Brar has leaked the price of CMF Phone 1 in India online. Other than that, the company has also shared a short video of the glimpses of the back panel.

How much could be the price

It is worth noting that Nothing will soon be launching its first CMF-branded smartphone, with no recent confirmation regarding the launch date. CMF Phone 1 is estimated to cost somewhere under Rs 20,000. IndiaToday quoted sources as saying a price of Rs 19,999 was written on the box. Nothing currently provides the CMF series at a low cost so that more people get an opportunity to experience its products.

All of this, you might remember, had happened even with Nothing’s first couple of phones launched at over Rs 40,000, only to be available for a shade above 30,000 within a couple of months. Recently, they repeated this with the Phone 2a series coming in under a pioneer price of close to 25,000. From all these observations, the reasonable extrapolation goes that the CMF Phone 1 is likely to have a price tag below Rs 20,000, but no confirmed information has been sent about it right now.

Wheel observed through the phone

Aside from that, the short video shown by Nothing on the back of the CMF Phone 1 doesn’t do a lot more; other than that, there will be a wheel that rotates at the bottom. At present, it is not known what its function is. Although from whatever glimpses of the company have been gained so far, it seems possible that the back cover of the phone can be removed, but no concrete information regarding it is available till now that we will come to know only in the coming days when Nothing lifts the curtains from the whole design of the phone.

The Nothing’s short video also indicates that it may bring out more CMF products than just the phones.

The photo displays the other type of three-rotating wheels. One of them represents CMF Buds. Maybe this could be assumed from the second figure picture in the image. The first picture is probably of a CMF phone and a SIM removal tool, which is seen on it. The third number picture represents that of a watch, but the company has put it out clearly.

Tipster Gadget Bits has shared on X that the CMF Phone 1 will come with MediaTek Dimensity 7300 SoC. The processor is octa-cored, having four at a clock speed of 2.5 GHz and the other four at 2.0 GHz.

In some reports, it is said that the smartphone will be available with both 128GB and 256GB storage options.

It is also rumored that the 6.7-inch OLED 120Hz refresh-rate display is fronting the phone. The defining configuration might be a duo of a dual camera setup with a 50MP leading camera and a 50MP ultra-wide shooter that can categorically take care of the camera. On the front, it might help sport a whopping 50MP selfie camera.

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