Is DJing a Good Side Hustle


Is DJing a Good Side Hustle :In today’s digital age, DJing should become one of your main sources of income. Now my second source of income is my full-time job.

 Now I know a lot of you will be like bedroom DJ, beginner DJ or intermediate DJ and you probably don’t. Just been working at DJing full time for a year, so maybe now you have to work a day job. exploring its benefits, challenges, earning potential, and practical considerations.

I have a day job, I work as a software engineer and the majority of the money I make is from that. Comes from. So I use it to pay my bills for my house and things like that, so that’s another source of that. This kind of side hustle is so special

Understanding DJing as a Side Hustle

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What is DJing Is DJing a Good Side Hustle

You have the skills. An ear for beats, or a heart that beats every second. But you’re the one in control of the playlist, the person at the party who turns DJing into a profession with a regular schedule.

 Making the jump from casual music lover to professional DJ, it’s not impossible to understand music. While building a DJ empire doesn’t last long, it’s a heavy journey from teaching a lot to teaching late night shows.

 Music has democratized the digital age. It has become easier to access this type of equipment or music but there is a lot of music in the market that has increased in compromise or will advance your career if you do not leave it when.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

The Appeal of DJing as a Side Hustle


Unlike traditional part-time jobs with fixed hours, DJing gigs can often be scheduled around existing commitments


I give you my tips on how to avoid burnout while side hustling as a DJ. On how to juggle a big job and DJing on the side, I also share my brain out story as I was living under insurance for three years. Was in the industry.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Challenges of DJing as a Side Hustle

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So we’re talking about the side hustle DJ, making a little money, but you have something else going on as your main gig. We’re talking about hobby DJing, where you don’t make any money at all, and you’re okay with that. And we’re talking full-time DJing, where it’s your life.

    “Everything You Need to Know About DJing and Success.” We have “Best Jobs in the Music Industry,” “Best Jobs in the Music Industry,” Bill’s book, “How to DJ Properly,” the best book about DJing, which I think was written 20 years before I wrote it.

And the first book I bought on DJing was “The DJ’s Handbook” by Roy Shepard. Bought it in 1984, so I was sitting there as a little teenager reading about DJing and wishing I could be a DJ one day[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]


It has changed a lot since then. “How to Run a Successful DJ Business,” “The Secret of DJing,” is another good one, folks. I love DJ Book, but who is the best DJ, that’s what we are talking about today. So everyone is welcome. If you’ve just joined us, this is Digital DJ Tips.

Competitive Market

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The DJing market can be highly competitive, particularly in urban areas with a thriving nightlife scene.

Established DJs and DJ agencies often dominate the market, making it challenging for newcomers to break in. Building a reputation and securing gigs can take time and persistence, especially for those starting from scratch.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Irregular Income

Irregular income weeks, so now I’m on two bookings a week and I love that you have to think about your health too, like DJing five times a week and working full time five times a week is hard and it literally takes a toll on your four Can ruin.

Yeah, you’re doing sets you don’t want to do, you’ll go there and it won’t be busy or you’ll go there and play music you don’t want to play like me, my two sets. Now I do it for a week, I like to act like I’m playing the music I want, I’m playing in front of a big crowd and I’m happy, okay, when I’m not DJing in front of anyone.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

 So I was not happy. ‘When I was DJing in front of five people I was happy because I was going to work the next day tired of bookings that meant no progress in my DJ career.

Do you know what I mean? I know a lot of DJs will work just for the money but I don’t like to do that because I feel like I’m doing something when I’m booking something I don’t like doing .

 I hate DJing like I would come off by the book and I’m like a bullshit guy to DJ so what I want to do is just have a good mental mind and be like you know I want to do two sets a week I have two sets.

 I do what I’m happy with I’m happy to DJ and I’m happy to do my full time job and I’m a good person[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Earning Potential of DJing as a Side Hustle

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Earning Potential of DJing as a Side Hustle How I Literally Make Money So basically you click on this blog I get a little bit of money from the ads you just saw and another way to make money on the blog is that I want people to give me money. 

On live streams so I try to go live at least twice a month and people come on there and if they appreciate the content we’re creating or they appreciate the advice I’m giving they tell me Will pay a fine of five pounds and ten pounds. It’s not like this has happened before.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

This has happened before and obviously the more I live stream the more money I can make if people gift it to me so it’s another source of income that 

I have as a DJ , my next source of income is from deejaying, so during the creation of my store so basically this store is where I would sell sound effects, I would sell playlists, I would sell mashups and things like that and I didn’t realize that this store Can be so powerful, it’s crazy like the store makes more money than me[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Building Your Brand

This involves creating a compelling brand story, designing a visually appealing logo and promotional materials, and maintaining a strong online presence across social media platforms and professional networking sites.

 Consistency in branding and messaging helps cultivate a loyal fan base and attract potential clients and collaborators.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Marketing and Promotion

These are the steps I covered in my Amazon best-selling book on DJing, “Rock the Dancefloor!” I have also written. Now, these blogs will give you everything you need to learn to DJ the right way. But they assume you’ve got a copy of it. It’s free and I’ve told you how to get it back, in the introduction blog, along with more information on how to use this short series.

So if you haven’t seen that intro blog yet, head over there now to grab your book. Promote yourself. I want to bust, I want to rave a little today. I want to bust three myths about self-promotion. Call it tough love, call it reality check.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

   And so you complete the cycle if you wish. Only by doing these five will you be successful. Four out of five is not enough. 

This final step, promoting yourself, is not optional. Now, in the book, I show you all the practicalities. I will show you how to create your DJ profile, what types of events to attend, how to get involved in your local scene, how to get regular slots, how to organize parties, how to set up a DJ business, how to become a DJ/Producer.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

Lots of ways to book. So instead of discussing those things today I thought it would be fun to focus on some things people do when they’re really struggling with the idea of promoting themselves, okay? So myth number one, all you need is a great mixtape to get a gig.

Believe me, we train thousands of students. We’ve heard all this countless times. It goes something like this. I made a good mixtape and I’ve given it to everyone I can think of, but no one is paying me any attention! This city is inhabited, I don’t know why I bother! Ok.[Is DJing a Good Side Hustle]

 So as someone who has booked literally hundreds of DJs in my lifetime, I want to tell you something harsh but true.


Can being a DJ be a side hustle?

For more than 32 years, I had a side hustle as a DJ driven by my passion for music, the “easy money”, and the rush of entertaining & feeding off the energy of a crowd. It was a cool and different way to fund my personal music habit. It also brought invaluable skills to my day job.

Can you make good money as a DJ?

Most DJs are generally stratified into earning $500/$2,000/$5,000/$10,000 per club gig and between $2,000/$5,000/$10,000/$25,000 per festival gig. Meanwhile, festival headliners can command over $100,000, with multiple factors contributing to this jump.

Can you DJ for a living?

having a career as a DJ can provide good job security for people with the right skills.

Why do DJs get paid so much?

Why do DJs make so much money? The most famous DJs are able to bring a large number of people to their performances. In stadiums and large concert venues, all seats are sold out. Performing and festivals are a major and significant part of their big income.

Is DJ a difficult job?

Being a good DJ will help you get gigs, but being a good DJ is hard. Anybody who can count to four can be a DJ, but being a good DJ is a very different story. Good DJs will have a solid understanding of music composition that allows them to mix songs seamlessly and at exactly the right points.

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