Pink Guava vs White Guava – Their Well being Advantages And Look

Pink Guava vs White Guava – Their Well being Advantages And Look

Begin consuming fruit salads if you wish to really feel youthful even in your previous age and really feel extra energetic. Guava is the principle character of fruit salads attributable to its aroma, vitamin, style, and texture. You may learn detailed advantages of guava right here. The enjoyable half is that it is available in a wide range of completely different varieties providing their very own taste and vitamins. We’ve got mentioned the important thing sorts, pink guava vs white guava right here. 

Maintain studying to find out about what makes them completely different and their well being advantages.

Pink Guava vs White Guava Distinction

Following are some key variations between pink guava and white guava that may assist you to distinguish between them:

Pink Guava vs White Guava Style and Texture

Relating to style and texture, these two sorts provide distinct experiences:

Pink Guava:

  • Style: They’re sweeter and fewer tart than white guava. You may consider their style as a mix of strawberry, pear, and passionfruit with a floral aroma.
  • Texture: They’re juicy and tender, virtually melting in your mouth. Much less gritty or grainy in comparison with white guava.

White Guava:

  • Style: This kind is barely tart and tangy with a much less pronounced sweetness than pink guava. They’ve a much less noticeable aroma.
  • Texture: These guavas are firmer and barely crunchy in comparison with pink guava. Some varieties may be barely grainy as effectively.

Pink Guava vs White Guava Look

Right here’s a breakdown of the variations in look between pink guava and white guava:

Pores and skin:

Pink guava has clean inexperienced pores and skin, typically with a slight yellowish tinge. It typically retains a inexperienced blush even when ripe.

Whereas, white guava has a inexperienced or yellowish pores and skin, often with a pale reddish hue. It turns yellowish-green when ripe.


Pink guava has pale pink to deep pink flesh, relying on the variability and ripeness. Its coloration depth can differ even inside the similar bunch.

White guava has white or cream-colored flesh. It might have a slight yellowish or greenish tinge relying on the variability.


Pink guava is usually spherical or pear-shaped. Some varieties may be barely rectangular.

White guava is normally spherical or oval-shaped. It can be pear-shaped typically.


Pink guava is usually smaller than white guava, starting from 3-5cm in diameter.

White guava is normally bigger than pink guava, starting from 5-7cm in diameter.

Guava Diet and Energy

Right here is the dietary profile of 100g of guava. Each pink and guava have comparable dietary profiles with little variations.

Vitamins Quantity 
Water  80.8g 
Power  68kcal 
Protein  2.55g 
Dietary Fiber  5.4g
Sugar  8.92g 
Calcium  18mg 
Iron  0.26mg
Potassium  417mg
Phosphorus  40mg 
Sodium  2mg
Vitamin C 228mg

Pink Guava vs White Guava Advantages 

Each pink and white guavas provide a scrumptious and nutritious punch, however in the case of well being advantages, there are some variations value understanding. 

Each guavas share these advantages: 

Pink guava: 

  • Pink guava is probably higher for weight administration attributable to its decrease sugar and starch content material. 
  • Greater water content material retains you feeling fuller for longer. 
  • The presence of carotenoids provides one other layer of antioxidant safety.

White guava: 

  • White guava has increased vitamin C content material and gives a stronger immune system enhance.
  • They include the next sugar content material however that may not be splendid for diabetics or individuals on sugar-restricted diets. 
  • Research counsel white guava leaf extract might profit blood sugar management.

How you can Add Guava Into Your Weight loss plan?

Listed here are some artistic methods so as to add guavas to your food plan to make your meals tempting and nutritious. 

  • Take pleasure in them contemporary, in smoothies, juices, and even jams and chutneys.
  • Don’t discard the seeds! They’re edible and wealthy in vitamins.
  • Add it to salads mixed with dried fruit for optimum well being advantages. You may learn in regards to the detailed advantages of numerous dried fruits right here.
  • Their leaves have a dense dietary profile. So, use them in powder kind and take a look at their tea for a wealthy taste and well being advantages. 


Each pink and white guavas have scrumptious qualities. You may select any certainly one of them based on your desire. Pink guava is understood for its vibrant sweetness, whereas white guava shines with its refreshing neutrality and firmer chew. So, add each varieties to your food plan for max vitamin and completely different flavors.


Which sort of guava is the sweetest?

Pink guava is usually the sweetest. It presents a candy-like style in comparison with the marginally tart white guava.

Which is the very best quality guava?

The pink guava selection is commonly thought of among the finest sorts of guava attributable to its candy taste, vibrant pink flesh, and excessive dietary content material. Nevertheless differing types provide completely different well being advantages attributable to their various vitamin.

What are the advantages of pink guava?

Pink guava is wealthy in vitamin C. It additionally accommodates antioxidants that assist immune well being and should assist scale back the chance of power ailments. This guava is an effective supply of dietary fiber, aiding digestion and selling total intestine well being.

Is white guava sweeter than pink?

No, pink guava is sweeter than white guava. 


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